Care Manager II:Concurrent Review : Hospital On:Site : TELECOMMUTING OPTION (Fresno, CA) - Health

Title: Care Manager II:Concurrent Review : Hospital On:Site : TELECOMMUTING OPTION (Fresno, CA) JOB SUMMARY: CARE MANAGER II : Hospital On:Site : Integrated Telecommuting Option May also conduct Quality Assurance audits, monitor and oversee workflow, review and maintain policies and procedures, and perform system testing of modifications and enhancements. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Pre:Admission Counseling Assesses patients condition to understand illness or injury and evaluate ability to follow treatment plan. Admission Care Goes on:site to hospital Works with physicians and hospitals to enforce treatment plans and orders. Ensures patient receives specialty care and tests as ordered. Evaluates need for and authorizes equipment, supplies, services. Coordination of Care Confers with physician to clarify diagnosis, prognosis, therapies, daily living activities, and to share information. Authorizes recommended modalities of treatment. Investigates and suggests alternatives. Coordination of Financial Services Assesses patients benefit plan coverage and limitations. Suggests medical alternatives that accomplish treatment plan goals. Post Discharge Follow:up Source:

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