Organizer - Inyo Forest Campaign - Sierra Club HQ - HRD (Mammoth, Bishop, etc., CA)

We will succeed if we connect the millions of Californians who love this area directly into the planning process. This means engaging diverse communities and stakeholders in the Eastern Sierra and reaching into Los Angeles and other urban areas to cultivate a new breed of activist. It also means effectively working across organizational lines to partner with our well-established coalition members. Hikes and other outings into some of the Eastern Sierra's most beautiful places will be key recruitment and education tools. To succeed in this role, one needs a background in organizing, a history of successful coalition work, and a passion for connecting people to the wild places they love. Knowledge of wild lands protection and Eastern Sierra communities is a plus, but not required. We prefer to locate this organizer in an Eastern Sierra community. Visit http://bit.ly/161tBIx Source:

Don't Be Fooled

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